Hi! I am Baron Dipitous, and welcome to my "Blog of Barons"! First, a bit about myself.

My "name" is inspired by a gambler cleric I once created for Dungeons & Dragons, and is a clever (I think) parody on the word "serendipitous."

Though I am not a baron in real life, I do claim the following titles:

Latter-day Saint
Married Family Man
Brawlhalla Partner
Dungeon Master
Conlanger (I can create fictional languages) 

The purpose behind this site is two-fold:

First, and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to make a single site for people to go to access my online works, especially my lore sites. Being both a librarian and a gamer, it's only natural for me to be interested in well-crafted, complex narratives and fictional worlds. It is exciting to me to get to use my research and writing skills to support small games and series that I love. It allows me to fulfill a unique niche in these communities.

Here are the lore sites I've created and currently manage:
AppSir Wiki
Brawlhalla: Lore & Context
Pirates CSG Lore

Second, and certainly less importantly, I had a silly idea one day: Seek out all the barons in various forms of fiction. I've noticed a fair amount of video games and stories give the title "baron" to some of their characters, and I'm curious to see what similarities (if any) there might be among this diverse crew of decorated persons. For more information, see the "About the Blog" page on the sidebar to the right.

Below is my contact information, as well as my presence on other social media platforms. Feel free to contact me, especially if you have any questions or suggestions about this site or any of my works!

Discord: Baron Dipitous#9274
Email: barondipitous@gmail.com
Twitter: @BDipitous
YouTube: Baron Dipitous